APS YC500, YC250 can be seen in the CEC list

       APS YC500, YC250, the newest generation of products, have been included in
CEC ist successful following YC200. For solar  energy  products,  being CEC listed
is a necessary condition for entrance of US market and application of government
subsidies. In the SPI 2012 Orlando, APS YC500, YC250, the high cost-effective
products, have attracted extensive attention of the professional audiences. YC250
is an excellent choice for AC module with its contraption. Meanwhile, YC500 is the
first twin-pack product of APS, aiming at the growing commercial market in North
    APS has just established a new office in Cupertino and a factory in Washington
State as the technical support center and warehouse to offer thoughtful and timely
service to the local customers. Now all APS products have attained ETL certification
and been in CEC list, it is obvious that APS has become one of the top brands of
microinverter manufactures worldwide.